Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tahoe Tessie might eat your toes!

It's a good thing I'm not taking blogging for college credit. When I revived this blog back in June, I set a goal of posting once a month. And, yeah, it's now October. If I were to dock points from this assignment using the same rubric I use in my courses, I would definitely have an "F".

But, going with the theme of "better late than never," I wanted to post about our trip to Lake Tahoe in August. Tahoe is pretty special, as we have been going there at least every other year since 2005. Our first trips were before kids, and thus primarily involved snowboarding, drinking beer, and playing board games. More recently, we've taken summer trips with the kids and enjoyed biking, hiking, and swimming. What makes these trips so special is being back in the same place and realizing just how much the kids have grown up since the last time we were there 2 years ago.

This year was also special because it was Owen's first trip to Tahoe. As you can see, he was overwhelmed with excitement.

He did eventually wake up and have fun at the beach.

Evan also had a great time digging in the sand. In looking through our pictures, I had to laugh because in this one, he looks like a little Abercrombie model.

But, he spent most of his days digging in the sand and having a good time.

So who is Tahoe Tessie? One of the first times John and I went to Tahoe, we took a harbor cruise, and they talked about Tahoe Tessie, who is the big monster who lives in the lake. One of Evan's favorite books (Fred and Ted go Camping) features a big fish who tips over Fred and Ted's canoe. We started joking with Evan that the big fish was named Tahoe Tessie. So, when we finally made it back to Tahoe, we couldn't resist the endless entertainment of telling him that Tahoe Tessie was going to nibble at his toes when he went in the water. Fortunately, Evan knows us a little too well at this point, and simply responded with a "you're just joking!"

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Sun said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Evan is getting so big. He's like an actual boy now. Miss all you guys so much!!!